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Les matelas isolants thermiques Thermal insulation blankets are made to measure.sont fabriqués sur mesure. We adapt the fabrics, insulation and fasteners to the thermal conditions of each individual point. Our aim is to provide you with insulation solutions that are both durable and effective. By combining different materials, we can provide you with thermal insulation solutions up to over 1000°C. Our insulating mattresses are also eligible for CEE incentives.

Improve the performance of your networks

Our thermal insulation blankets insulate your networks to limit energy loss.

When your vapours, thermal and/or organic fluids pass through a valve, the temperature changes. With our insulating blankets, you can keep your network at the same temperature as the valves.

The insulating mattress also reduces condensation on the measuring equipment. The ultimate aim of this insulation is above all to improve the performance of your networks by maintaining heat, fluidity and a constant load level.

Ensure the safety of your staff

Installing our insulating mattresses ensures the safety of your staff. Flexible, removable insulation mattresses make maintenance easier, thanks to rapid assembly. Our quality raw materials ensure excellent resistance to heat, cold, sun, water and chemical aggression, protecting staff from the risk of burns.

Optimise maintenance activities

The insulation mattresses are flexible and can be dismantled, optimising maintenance activities. Unlike traditional box lagging, a single person can dismantle and reassemble the insulation blanket in a matter of seconds, without tools.

Save money

Insulating your fittings, such as taps, valves, filters and flanges, can help you make substantial energy savings. Our insulation blankets are designed to insulate your steam, hot water, thermal oil and organic fluid networks between 20 and 1000°C. Valves have a much larger surface area than a pipe of the same diameter. By insulating them, you can save up to €540 on average on a single valve (over a year’s operation). We offer you an alternative to traditional insulation using aluminium cans.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Insulation blankets offer a clean and practical solution for insulation, as they do not produce waste during frequent assembly and disassembly. What’s more, their installation reduces the carbon footprint and helps to preserve the environment.

Keep your networks frost-free

When fluids freeze in your networks, your valves and fittings swell and can break under pressure.


Comparative table of our product ranges

Turnkey project management

Our process

We can help you with turnkey projects, right through to the preparation of the CEE file.

Technical costing


Drawing up plans

by our Research Department


in our manufacturing workshop


throughout the country

On-site installation


Our technicians come to you

On-site technical costing

Our Calomatech technicians travel throughout France to carry out dimensional surveys of your single points (valves, flanges, filters, plate heat exchangers, etc.). Once the technical costing has been carried out, our sales department will be able to send you a price offer tailored to your actual requirements.

Customised design department

Drawing up plans

Our design office, staffed by industrial draughtsmen, will study your most specific projects to meet your requirements (high temperatures, chemical risks, ATEX areas, etc.). Using technical data or computer files, we design your customised insulation blankets to suit your needs (tanks, reactors, turbines, hoses, melters, etc.).

Our manufacturing workshop

Custom-made blankets

All our insulating mattresses are made to measure in our workshops in Normandy (100% French):

• Cutting workshop
• Sewing workshop
• Upholstery workshop
• Order preparation workshop

As your order passes through the hands of our different teams, it follows a beautiful path of evolution.
In order to control its entire production chain, Calomatech does not use any sub-contractors.

Transport and installation

On-site installation of your insulation blankets
Once your order has been manufactured, our technicians travel all over France to install your insulation blankets in your technical premises (boiler rooms, substations, industrial processes, etc.).
All our technicians are trained in-house and experienced in installing our insulation blankets.

What’s more, our teams have the appropriate authorisations for your work:
• N1 + N2 certification
• Working at height + harness
• CACES – Aerial work platforms
• Working at height + harness

Case studies

Our achievements

Find out more about the contexts in which we operate, what our teams do and the results they achieve.

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The CALOMATECH service

Thoroughness and advice

Customer-focused services.
Calomatech’s insulating mattress manufacturing business addresses a number of issues: providing energy-saving solutions and protecting personnel.

Our team uses its general expertise to measure, cost, plan and ensure the smooth running of on-site operations. With multidisciplinary expertise in the manufacture of insulating mattresses, in marketing and in the management of CEE files, we want to provide you with a complete offer. We recommend placing insulation blankets in areas with high heat loss.

As a customer, you benefit from both the flexibility and responsiveness of an SME. For all our customers, whether in industry, local authorities or the tertiary sector, we guarantee to handle your projects with the best possible quality of service.

The Calomatech service

Comprehensive support

a single point of contact

You benefit from a single point of contact for each new project. We don’t use any subcontractors, so that we retain total control of the process, from A to Z.


We carry out on-site quotations and the entire process is managed in our workshops based in Normandy: from the choice of materials used to the design of the made-to-measure blanket.


Our sales staff are mobile throughout France. They will be happy to meet you at your offices.


At your request, our technicians can carry out the installation on site or accompany you through the process in complete safety.


Our industrial valve insulation products are eligible. We’ll carry out simulations and draw up the CEE (Energy Savings Contracts) file for you.


We monitor our products and make sure we find the right solution for your needs, so that you are fully satisfied with our service.

Let’s optimise your energy consumption.


Frequently asked questions

What is an insulating blanket?

The insulation blanket has to be made to measure to fit perfectly over the area to be insulated. The insulating mattress is first and foremost a pouch made of technical fabrics sewn together with a sewing thread adapted to the temperature. The pouch is then lined with wool or another insulating material. It is attached using straps and/or Velcro flaps which are sewn onto the insulating mattress.

The insulation blanket is therefore a flexible thermal insulation solution.

The benefits of insulating blankets

  • Quick to fit: Made to the dimensions and profile of the room, the insulation blanket can be fitted in a matter of seconds.
  • Easy to dismantle: Likewise, it can be dismantled in a fraction of a second, so you can improve your valve maintenance times.
  • Clean: The insulation blanket does not give off dust or bits of flying insulation wool when it is dismantled.
  • Lightweight: As it is made from wool and fabric, it can be easily handled by one person.
  • The thickness of the thermal insulation: Its flexibility makes it easier to slide the mat between a wall and a single point where the spacing is small. This means you can isolate a larger number of points.

What parts should be fitted with an insulating blanket?

The insulation blanket can be installed on various parts of industrial fittings, but it is advisable to consult a professional beforehand. Certain points, such as pigtail siphons or certain measuring devices, should not be isolated to avoid malfunctions. Single points that can be insulated with insulation blankets include : Valves, taps, pressure reducing valves, filters, flanges, drains, separators, etc. It is more important to use insulation blankets on single points with large DN and on high-temperature networks. In this way, energy performance and improvements are optimised.

How do I choose an insulating mattress?

The selection of an insulating mattress is based on various characteristics of use.

  • Usage requirements (energy savings / anti-bulging solution)
  • The environment The location where the insulation mat is positioned plays a major role in the selection of materials to be used. Indoors, in technical rooms, aggressive cleaning products can damage the standard fabrics of the insulation blanket. That’s why we can help you identify the right solutions. (On the other hand, for outdoor environments, fabrics that are resistant to bad weather and UV rays are recommended.
  • Le type de fluide : Le caractère du fluide (Vapeur, eau chaude, eau surchauffée et / ou fluide organique) fait varier l’épaisseur de l’isolant du matelas isolant.
  • Temperature: The temperature of the fluid is also a determining factor in the thermal insulation of an insulation blanket. The temperature will make a pre-selection of the insulation to be used, but the technical characteristics and maximum temperature of use of the fabric must also be taken into account.

Significant heat loss

Here is the equivalent in metres of pipework (of the same diameter) of the heat loss from a valve or flange. At a time when energy costs are rising all the time, insulation blankets can help you optimise your energy costs by completely insulating your networks. We’ll diagnose the best insulation recommendations for you.